One of the highest honors given by NATAS, the Silver Circle recognizes television professionals who have performed distinguished service within the television industry for 25 years or more, a significant part of which was done within the Great Lakes region.

Gold Circle inductees have served the industry for 50 years or more. Silver and Gold Circle members are honored for more than their longevity — they are honored for making an enduring contribution to the vitality of the television industry and for setting standards of achievement we can all hope to emulate. These honorees also give back to the community as mentors, educators and volunteers.

An individual’s entire career need not have been spent in the Great Lakes region; but they must have made significant contributions within the award region.

The Silver/Gold Circle committee will consider the following criteria for all nominated individuals.

• Service to the television or media-related industries
List all the jobs, years and titles that are relevant.

• Service to the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Has the nominee served as an Emmy judge, as a regional chapter committee member, or regional chapter governor. Has the nominee received an Emmy nomination or Emmy award?

• Service to the community involving television or allied media
How has the nominee’s professional career affected the community? How has their personal involvement through volunteerism affected the community?

• Service to people working in or training for careers in television or allied media
How has the candidate’s professional excellence and dedication, with regard to mentoring and education, ensured the future of the broadcast or allied media industries. Has the nominee served as an instructor at a school/college/university?

Deadline date: Saturday, March 16, 2024.
Complete the attached application form and send it along with references, converted as PDF files, via email to:

Induction Procedure

The Central Great Lakes chapter president appoints a chairperson to direct the activities of the Silver and Gold Circle committee, comprised of current or former member of the Board of Governors or previous Silver or Gold Circle honorees.

It is recommended that no more than 5 individuals be inducted into the Silver and Gold Circle class each year, though same years have included additional honorees.

At the same time, no minimums are to be placed on the size of each class of nominees.

The Silver and Gold Circle committee chair or designate will present the committee’s list of honorees to the Board of Governors, with no outside circulation of ballots, lists of names under consideration, etc. All discussion of candidates will remain confidential.

Only the names of those inducted will be announced. Individuals nominated but not selected may be nominated again in future years.

The chapter’s Silver and Gold Circle honorees are awarded annually during the Great Lakes Regional Emmy® Awards ceremony or at a separate ceremony for gold and silver circle inductees.

Silver / Gold Circle Nomination Form

  • Work History

    (indicate station/company, and job title)
  • How should the nominee’s name and title appear?

    (If selected this is how the person’s name will be inscribed on the plaque. The title will be used for publicity and program book.)
  • Supporting Information

  • All sponsors and references are required to submit a letter of recommendation/essay as part of
    this application describing why the candidate should be recognized.

    Please be sure to contact each reference person you list below and ask them to send their letter of recommendation via email to:

  • Submitter's Information

  • Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 1 MB.

  • Please state, in your own words, the reasons this person should be inducted into the Silver or Gold Circle. Cite specific examples and dates.

    Supporting materials should include, but are not limited to:

    • Letters of recommendation from colleagues, community leaders, or anyone who can speak to the degree and significance of the nominee’s impact on television and their community.
    • Listing of awards/recognition received by nominee throughout his/her career.
    • Newspaper, magazine, trade publication articles featuring the nominee and his/her
    • Photographs of historical interest to nominee’s career.

    No videos will be accepted/considered.